“Tō wairua ki te Atua nāna nei ngā mea katoa. Your spiritual well-being is the source of all things.”

Kia ora koutou,

this quote in the title comes from interesting report from Stats NZ ( see  http://www.stats.govt.nz/browse_for_stats/people_and_communities/maori/TeKupenga_HOTP13.aspx) .

Called Te Kupenga 2013 the section on spirituality notes

“Two-thirds feel spirituality is important. … Māori have always acknowledged the importance of wairua (spirituality) to their well-being.
Through wairua Māori identity is expressed, relationships are built, balance is supported, and the connection between te ao wairua and te ao Māori is maintained. Because the concept of wairua is difficult to measure, Te Kupenga focused on measures of the importance of wairua. In 2013, 345,500 (66 percent) Māori adults stated spirituality was important (very, quite, or somewhat) in their life. This compared with 18 percent who said this was not at all important. Māori women were more likely (74 percent) to feel that spirituality was important than Māori men (57 percent). … Less than half say religion is important. Forty-five percent of Māori adults said religion was important (very, quite, or somewhat). This compared with 21 percent who stated it was a little important, and 34 percent who said it was not at all important.” (p.3-4)

All the best


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