Comprehensive Dutch nation-wide spiritual care guidelines

Kai ora koutou,

many asked the question what exactly do you mean when you talk about spiritaulity and spiritual care. A fair question! With the growing evidence of the importance of spiritual care some governments are developing comprehensive policies. One of the best I’ve seen, recently translated into english, comes from the Dutch. See what you think, it’s at the link below:

What about NZ? Are we ready for such guidelines/policy?

All the best


2 thoughts on “Comprehensive Dutch nation-wide spiritual care guidelines

  1. Hi Richard,
    Thanks for that link.

    I have printed out the Dutch material and have really connected with what I have looked at so far.
    I have also informed our palliative specialist (Simon Allan) about it and he has asked me to provide him with a copy to read also.


    George Dempster
    Arohanui Hospice

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