De-mystification of death: Radio NZ Spiritual Outlook for 3 August 2014 – Facing Death

Kia ora koutou

From many people in the ‘death business’ we hear the call for the need to talk more openly about death. I agree with this completely. In this Radio NZ interview Jonathan Mane-Wheoki beautifully exemplifies how one might consider their own death and life. Thank you Jonathan (and Radio NZ for doing it).

See this site for the interview:

And from the website:

“I think of God in more abstract terms.”

Seventy year-old Professor Jonathan Mane-Wheoki is terminally ill with pancreatic cancer. He has been told he’ll be dead before Christmas.

So Jonathan is organising his own Requiem Mass at Auckland’s Holy Trinity Cathedral, before his body is taken for its tangi and burial in Northland.



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