Spirituality & lifestyles: “people often use food to fill a spiritual hole”

Kia ora koutou,

there is a lack of evidence about how spirituality, however understood, plays a role in lifestyle ‘problems’ (such as smoking, over eating, lack of exercise and misuse of alcohol and other drugs). Of course such things are ‘multi-factorial’, but spirituality is mostly a factor left out of the analysis.

Not sure about the rigour, but interesting article about eating and spirituality; see: http://www.tampabay.com/news/religion/expert-spirituality-the-answer-to-emotional-eating/2214410

The article notes: “Tricia Nelson, director of Roy Nelson Healing and an emotional eating expert, spoke at the Mindshare Summit in Tampa. …, [said] people often use food to fill a spiritual hole.”

While the article and ‘study’ ends up referencing God and religion to some degree I wonder if it can be extrapolated to a broader spirituality – further questions to be examined. We need more evidence in this area!



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