Question about spiritual flourishing

“What are the environments where spirituality is already flourishing?”

– religious, cultural/ethnic, alternative, communities, countries?

I ask this question as I’m looking into spirituality in public health – population health. And part of the answer must be about what is already happening.

Any and all comments welcome.


7 thoughts on “Question about spiritual flourishing

  1. Kia Ora Richard!
    In response to your question, I would say – on every marae in Aotearoa which links to everyone who has ever been into one, or been touched by the wairua of place, landscape, sea or mountain.
    Also within the spiritual worlds of churches and communities. Lastly within each one of us, the source of spiritual flourishing when we question the mystery of life, sit with stillness and find our own form of bliss.

  2. I can only speak for myself Richard but in my Maori World spirituality and normality is one in the same, for example, yesterday I woke up in the morning had whakamoemiti with my whanau before starting our day, then rushing to the hospital bedside that of a 81 year old kuia to do a whakapiki ora (where I have recently become a volunteer hospital chaplain), then taking off to my Marae to open a hui with a karakia, blessing the kai with an inoi, then closing the hui with a karakia and then on my way home to bless a new home for a whanau, and then finally arriving home having a kai with the whanau and having a Evening whakamoemiti. You could say its all in a days work, but then again this is the norm for me (in my world). Spirituality is in everything I do. I hope this helps

  3. In Christian Meditation groups not only in NZ but in over 100 countries, in schools and in prisons.
    Also of course in other meditation traditions

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