This website has been created by the Spirituality and Well-being Advocacy Group. Contact us with questions, feedback, ideas.


Our vision

A society which recognises and responds to the importance of spiritualty (as defined by diverse cultural worldviews) to well-being.

Our mission

To provide a well researched evidence base that will inform dialogue to support the development of policy frameworks and actions that recognise the importance of spirituality to individual and community well-being.

Our objectives

  • To collate available evidence on the topic of spirituality and well-being for all New Zealanders;
  • To raise awareness of the importance and potential of spiritualty in a well-being context for all New Zealanders;
  • To manage a strategic thinking process about spirituality and well-being that engages key national agencies and organisations;
  • To support and advocate for the development of a policy framework that acknowledges and responds to spiritual needs as an important aspect of individual and community well-being;
  • To support collaborative discussions and projects to build an action focused approach to spiritualty and well-being in New Zealand;
  • To develop a strategic New Zealand Spirituality and Well-being forum that can engage with wider stakeholders and make informed contributions to advance discussion of spirituality and well-being.

Core Principles

We will continually acknowledge that spiritual views are culturally defined and will therefore reflect the context of different individuals/families, communities. For example Maori focus on wairuatanga which may or may not include religious beliefs.
Our work will include all ethnic groups living in New Zealand, but we will maintain a particular focus honouring the principles embedded in the Treaty of Waitangi (1840) by including a strong indigenous focus.

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